We offer a range of residential solar systems after applying years in research and development to make them as efficient as possible. Our residential systems include both on-grid and battery backup based solar energy solutions. Our technological experts have designed intelligent solar energy management and storage systems for every household using state-of-the-art technology and most reliable components. Our battery based Intelligent Solar Energy Management System ensures that your solar power is available to you day and night. Nearly 75% of your annual electricity consumption is covered with self-generated clean energy. You need very little electricity from Wapda and are protected against ever increasing energy prices. Your independent energy is reliable and always available. Our range of flexible, modular and expandable systems offer solutions to suit every household. We offer Custom Solutions based on your requirements, available roof space and budget.

On Grid Solar Solutions

On-grid systems provide maximum savings and quickest ROI for residential solar solutions. On-grid systems require a net-metering enabled grid connection. A properly designed on-grid solar solution can completely eliminate your electricity costs and result in zero electricity bills.

Net Metering

On-grid systems maximise savings through net metered connections. Net Metered connection push surplus solar production into the grid. Units sold to grid are adjusted against electricity usage during the night.

An “On-Grid” or grid interactive solar PV system uses PV modules and electricity grid as its sources for energy. These systems convert energy from solar PV modules into AC power in phase with grid power, assisting grid power in running the connected load. If the power produced is more than the connected load the excess power is fed into the grid and sold through Net-Metering. Energy Exported to the grid is adjusted in monthly electricity bills. On-Grid systems require no battery backup and hence are the cheapest of all available solar systems. These systems need grid power to continue their operation and turn off on grid failure. Even if the required load is less than the energy produced by PV modules the system has to turn off due to safety reasons. This limitation makes “On-Grid” systems are useful only in no-load shedding areas.